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New home awarded A-Rated status for energy efficiency, helping to support sustainability pledge

20 Mar 2021

East Carleton home awarded A-Rated EPC certificate, making it one of the most energy efficient homes in Norfolk.

Devlin Developments have recently completed a new home in East Carleton, Norfolk, and achieved an A-rated EPC certificate. This helps to support their pledge to build A-rated homes wherever possible and it becomes the fourth property to-date in 2022 to achieve this accolade.

An EPC is important to homeowners as it refers to the certificate that shows how energy-efficient your property is. Included in the document is the estimated energy costs as well as a summary of your properties’ energy performance-related features. Achieving an A rated status indicates that the home is running at the highest level of energy efficiency possible in the UK today.

In order to achieve this rating Devlin Developments are conscious to build with the following as standard to lessen the environmental impact of their homes:

  • High levels of insulation to walls, floors and loft to reduce the need for heating and lowering energy bills.

  • Double glazing to keep in significantly more heat and reduce the need for additional heating

  • Low-energy lighting throughout

  • Solar PV panels to harness natural light and convert it into energy to be used in the home or sold back to the National Grid

Lee Devlin, Company Director is proud to say that "Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from the initial design and planning of our developments to the efforts we make to lessen our carbon footprint as a company overall. Achieving another A-rated EPC status is just another way to ensure we're running a responsible company that builds homes with energy efficiency at the core."

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