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New Solar Power pledge for 2022

3 Jan 2022

Devlin Developments pledge to install solar PV panels on all homes from 2022, going forwards.

As part of their mission to build some of the most sustainable homes on the market, Devlin Developments have pledged to install Solar PV panels on all of their homes from 2022, going forwards.

Solar PV panels generate photovoltaic energy directly from the natural sunlight. This energy once captured can then be used to power your home by either powering your electrical items, or it can be sold back to the National Grid. It can even be used to power an electric car charger from home.

There are many reasons to install Solar PV panels, from reducing your carbon footprint as well as your annual electricity bills, to minimising the impact of ever-increasing energy costs and generating a tax-free income for the next 20 years.

For Devlin Developments, it goes without saying that the needs of the homeowners are always front of mind, and installing solar PV panels on their homes is the natural choice when building a sustainable home, whilst lessening the impact on the environment.

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